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The month of matrimony

The Culture Equality association

Zulma, mère de Lumina Sophie, Illustration Bruno Dulthéo pour Culture Égalité

Fort-de-france, September 6, 2021

Illustration of Zulma, Lumina's mother, Bruno Dulthéo

Culture Égalité is a feminist association from Martinique , founded on July 19, 2013, whose objective is to:

# Contribute to the construction of a democratic Martinican society, based on equality between women and men, social diversity, diversity and solidarity.

# Promote and defend effective respect for the specific human rights of women and girls, and fight against all forms of oppression and exploitation against them.

# Fight against all forms of violence in all areas by promoting collective and individual awareness.  


Culture Egalité is a non-mixed association , founded on our conviction that to create a more just society, we must act in the direction of women in order to strengthen their #empowerment , that is to say their ability to change relationships. of social, political, economic powers, but also power over oneself, over one's life.

The association is therefore aimed at all women to encourage them to defend their rights and to be free, autonomous and united .

Our projects

In order to carry out its missions, the association is developing numerous projects on 3 axes:

Espace Kay Fanm

It is a space of access to rights, a place of listening and speaking, which is welcomed by trained activists.

It is aimed at all women who encounter a difficulty whatever the field.


The aim of this axis is to make visible the heritage of women, their contribution to the social, political, economic and cultural development of our society.


Demonstrations, events, interventions… The objective of the awareness-raising work is to get women to change their representations and to engage in civic actions. 

Focus on The month of matrimony

In September, the international community celebrates heritage (the material and cultural heritage that comes to us from our fathers).

Since our creation, we celebrate at Culture Equality, every September, the Month of Matrimony .

We work to make visible the cultural heritage of women, their contribution to the social, political, economic and cultural development of our society.

Our goal is to empower our sisters and daughters to embrace these stories, be proud of them, and draw role models to continue building a world of equality and justice.

But also to bring our brothers and our sons to know and recognize the role of women in the construction of our country and therefore to reassess their rightful place in our society ... so that this place ceases to be diminished.

Lumina Sophie Illustration Bruno Dulthéo pour Culture Égalité
Reine Sophie Illustration Bruno Dulthéo pour Culture Égalité

September 1870 - The Southern Uprising

On the traces of

by Lumina

In September in Martinique, we commemorate the Southern Uprising, one of the greatest revolts in Martinique (alongside those of May 1848).


Faithful to our vocation to seek traces of women in our history and to study their participation in the construction of our society, we have decided to seize these opportunities to restore to our youth, at the same time as the Southern Uprising , the role played by women and, in particular, the most emblematic of them:

Lumina Sophie known as Surprise.

Each year, with a theatrical march, the Culture Equality Association invites us to commemorate the uprising in the South and to celebrate in particular Lumina, which symbolizes the resistance of the Martinican population to oppression and the part of women in this struggle.

This year, the association is offering a virtual visit called:  "In the footsteps of Lumina" .

Queen Sophie, Bruno Dulthéo

For this Matrimonial Month 2021, Culture Egalité offers two major events:

- The virtual visit "In the footsteps of Lumina" - from September 6, 2021

- The webinar "Women make our Caribbean and our Americas" - September 18, 2021 from 10 am to 12:30 pm

Illustration by Lumina, Bruno Dulthéo

2 options for walking in Lumina's footsteps:

In Rivière-Pilote 

From Monday, September 6, 2021, everyone will be able to walk in the footsteps of Lumina Sophie independently, by following the signs placed on strategic points of the insurrection: the Rivière-Pilote market, the town hall,  the church square, the La Mauny house, the Codé Cross.

At home

It is also possible to learn everything about the insurgency in the south of your home by simply letting yourself be guided on the Virtual Visit page of the website of the Culture Egalité association.

Carte Sur les Traces de Lumina CE [Récupéré]_Plan de travail 1.jpg

On each panel, a QR code allows you to find out more about the events of the insurrection according to each place in the town of  Rivière-Pilote.

By this effort, we want to strongly encourage the political authorities, the municipalities to institute this day of matrimonial heritage alongside the day of heritage. And we call on citizens to support this initiative by making an inventory of the women in their town who deserve to be known, to be told. Thus, we invite every woman - but also every man - to become the heir or the heir of his sisters, so that our society finally walks on its two legs!

Logo Ville de Rivière Pilote.png

Women are our
and our 



Anxious to study and popularize the participation of women in the construction of our Caribbean societies, the associations  Culture Equality  from Martinique and  Koumbit Fanms Karayib  de Guadeloupe are organizing a webinar on Saturday September 18, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m .:

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