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Lumina Sophie Illustration Bruno Dulthéo pour Culture Égalité

by Lumina

Habitation La Mauny

September 1870 - The Southern Uprising

On the traces of

Episode 5

We follow in the Footsteps of Lumina, one of the leaders of the Southern uprising, to

The Habitation La Mauny.  

In addition to the Lubin affair, the Codé affair is added. Codé is a white settler, a béké, owner of the “La Mauny” house, who is arrogant with his employees and openly expresses his regret for the slavery system. He was a member of the Assize Jury and publicly boasts of having had Lubin convicted.

The inhabitants of the countryside express their discontent and even their anger at this injustice suffered by Lubin. Lumina, who shares the bitterness of the peasants and who has acquired a critical view of the daily life of the population in the hills and in the city, participates in popular discontent.


"Telga's army" therefore arrives at La Mauny. This very rich house where women played an important role and which today produces a famous rum is a place of memory of our history.

However, Codé has already fled. We note, that evening, the death of George the servant of Codé who wanted to prohibit access to the house.

The insurgents set fire to the bagasse huts and the cane fields and then descended towards the village. But the mayor, of Venancourt, called in the gendarmes of Marin. These arrive on horseback and shoot at the crowd, killing the first among the rioters. From that moment, the rally, which had turned into a riot, turned into an insurrection.


Historical advisor: Gilbert Pago

Voice: Mapie

Coordinators: Huguette Bellemare and George Arnauld

Assistant: Laurie Nirennold

Illustrations: Bruno Dulthéo

Production: Les Carots' are Cooked

© Culture Equality In Lumina's Footsteps August 2021

Culture Equality

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