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Lumina Sophie Illustration Bruno Dulthéo pour Culture Égalité

by Lumina

On the road

September 1870 - The Southern Uprising

On the traces of

Episode 4

We follow in the Footsteps of Lumina, one of the leaders of the Southern uprising,

On the road. The rioters marching against La Mauny take this road which runs along the Petite Rivière Pilote. It must be remembered that it was in the ground at the time. It is she that the people of Ste Luce, Rivière Pilote, Marin  had borrowed to join Petit-bourg and take the Yak to go to Fort-de-France to attend Lubin's trial. Many women then set foot in Fort de France for the first time in their lives, if not the only one.  


Currently, there are many constructions on the edge. In the 1870s, there were cane fields as well as coconut groves, coffee and cocoa trees. On the left, you can still see these coconut groves.


Historical advisor: Gilbert Pago

Voice: Mapie

Coordinators: Huguette Bellemare and George Arnauld

Assistant: Laurie Nirennold

Illustrations: Bruno Dulthéo

Production: Les Carots' are Cooked

© Culture Equality In Lumina's Footsteps August 2021

Culture Equality

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