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Lumina Sophie Illustration Bruno Dulthéo pour Culture Égalité

by Lumina

Church Square

September 1870 - The Southern Uprising

On the traces of

Episode 3

We follow the Footsteps of Lumina, one of the leaders of the Southern uprising, in the Church Square.  

This stele that we can observe in front of the church glorifies the insurrection of the South. You can see LOUIS TELGA on his horse; Lumina and finally the Unknown Insurgent who represents all those who took part in the insurrection. The church square was the main gathering place for the population and the insurgents. It was there that the tree of liberty was planted on May 23, 1848, to celebrate the end of slavery.

It is important to emphasize that this is the first time in Martinique that a stele highlights a historical event other than colonial.


The insurgents cross the main street on the edge of which was built the house where Lumina rented a room and delivered her seams twice a week. This allowed her to meet at the same time the artisans of the village but also the peasants of which she was a part.  

They meet in the church square to head towards La Mauny.  

We are September 22, the population of southern Martinique is rising, including that of Rivière Pilote.  

Lumina, two months pregnant, takes part in the march towards La Mauny.

And it is here that the first shooting will break out.


Historical advisor: Gilbert Pago

Voice: Mapie

Coordinators: Huguette Bellemare and George Arnauld

Assistant: Laurie Nirennold

Illustrations: Bruno Dulthéo

Production: Les Carots' are Cooked

© Culture Equality In Lumina's Footsteps August 2021

Culture Equality

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