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Lumina Sophie Illustration Bruno Dulthéo pour Culture Égalité

by Lumina

Town Hall Square

September 1870 - The Southern Uprising

On the traces of

Episode 2

We follow the Footsteps of Lumina, one of the leaders of the Southern uprising, on Town Hall Square


On Thursday, September 22, the then mayor Auguste Cornette de Venancourt offered his resignation in the face of the strength of the demands of the merchants and the entire population who demanded the release of Lubin and shouted their hatred of Codé, one of the Békés jurors. . Lumina would have been seen in this square holding a large stone as a weapon in her hand. Lumina Sophie known as Surprise is both a seamstress in the village of Rivière Pilote, agricultural worker and merchant in the hamlet of Jossaud and Rivière-Pilote.

At the same time, Telga constitutes with about 700 people what will be called "the army of Telga". After fruitless negotiations with the mayor, this army decides to go to the La Mauny house. The women, including Lumina, carry torches and sticks.


Historical advisor: Gilbert Pago

Voice: Mapie

Coordinators: Huguette Bellemare and George Arnauld

Assistant: Laurie Nirennold

Illustrations: Bruno Dulthéo

Production: Les Carots' are Cooked

© Culture Equality In Lumina's Footsteps August 2021

Culture Equality

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