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Lumina Sophie Illustration Bruno Dulthéo pour Culture Égalité

by Lumina

Market place

September 1870 - The Southern Uprising

On the traces of

Episode 1

The uprising in the south broke out in September 1870, around twenty years after the abolition of slavery, on the occasion of an incident: a few months earlier, Lubin, a young "colored man" from the Sailor and entrepreneur by profession, suffered a racist attack on the part of Augier de Maintenon, recently arrived in Martinique, head of the services of the town of Marin, and friend of the békés. Colonial justice having refused him compensation, Lubin takes revenge. Brought before the courts of Fort-de-France composed mainly of bekes who represent only 8% of the population and are nostalgic for slavery, he is sentenced to a very heavy sentence: 5 years in prison and a fine of 1,500 francs . It should be remembered that at the time, the working day of a cane cutter was paid 1 Franc. You should also know that a law stipulated that from 5 years in prison, "Africans and Asians" had to serve their sentence in prison!

The rural black masses are indignant at this unjust, racist and villainous condemnation, and a movement of solidarity and then of revolt is organized spontaneously and clandestinely. It is the Southern Uprising, the biggest revolt that Martinique has known so far. It set the South ablaze, but also had repercussions throughout Martinique, as far as Saint-Pierre.  


So we follow the Footsteps of Lumina, one of the leaders of the insurrection, on the Market Square.

It was here, on the Market Square, that it all began.

Lumina, her companions and her companions gather there to demand the release of Lubin. The women, and particularly the merchants of Rivière-Pilote, but also those of Marin and Sainte-Luce circulate subscriptions to pay the fine and appeals. Lumina participates in this solidarity movement which began with the first conviction in June and after the appeal of August 19. The rallies begin Wednesday, September 21.


Historical advisor: Gilbert Pago

Voice: Mapie

Coordinators: Huguette Bellemare and George Arnauld

Assistant: Laurie Nirennold

Illustrations: Bruno Dulthéo

Production: Les Carots' are Cooked

© Culture Equality In Lumina's Footsteps August 2021

Culture Equality

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